About Us

As kids we would chat about having our own little boutique with lots of cute items, setting up a beautiful layout and making it a "happy haven". It was not until many many years after, that the dream was manifested as a A RAY OF BEAUTY TT. I had forgotton about that childhood dream but as I sit here and take a moment to reflect I am reminded about how amazing life can be... HOLD YOUR DREAMS CLOSE TO YOUR HEART... you never know God's plan!

A Ray Of Beauty TT is an ONLINE ONLY "family run" boutique located on South Trinidad which focuses on Ladies and Gents Clothing and Accessories. We offer high quality items and seek to bring to you some of the cutest and most affordable styles. 

Many of our items are perfectly suited as gifts. As such, we offer beautiful FREE gift packaging for all items purchased as gifts.

As we seek to give you value for your bucks, we have many FREE pickup and delivery options (refer to the Delivery Tab on the bottom of the HOME page for more information). We also offer nationwide home or work delivery, with our personal couriers or via TTPost, where you can choose instead to get your items delivered straight to your door.

Welcome to A RAY OF BEAUTY TT 

                     ONLINE BOUTIQUE 

Happy Shopping! We are always here to assist!